Meaning of He who kills iron, dies iron

What is He who kills iron, dies iron:

"He who kills iron, dies iron" is a saying that implies that everyone receives the treatment they deserve according to their performance.

It is used particularly when one person has committed harm against another, and then life puts him in an equivalent situation. Thus, this saying represents how popular wisdom understands the principle of reciprocity or cause and effect.

It involves, in some way, a certain sense of justice or revenge, so that it can also be used as a warning to someone who has committed harm but is not yet in time to suffer the consequences.

This principle finds a certain resemblance to Eastern philosophies, in which it is believed that people build their future based on the actions they commit in their life. This law of reciprocity or cause and effect is known as karma. Thus, karma implies that everything that is done generates consequences.

Another saying that embodies an equivalent meaning is "Dogs that kill with wolves, wolves kill him." It can also be similar, although not equivalent, to "He who seeks where he should not, finds what he does not want."

A variant from the Caribbean on this saying reads: "He who kills iron does not die in his bed."

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