Meaning of He who is silent grants

What is He who is silent grants:

The saying "the one who is silent grants" is a popular saying with which it is implied that whoever does not present any objection about what was said or expressed by another person, but, on the contrary, remains silent, then the reason is being granted to the other.

In this sense, it refers to those people who prefer to remain silent than to speak in their favor on an issue or matter that concerns them, with which they end up giving their approval or tacit consent to what others have said.

This saying, widely used today, applies to those situations where a person is accused or held responsible for something, but does not speak in his defense. Silence, in this case, is culturally taken as a sign that what the other says is accepted.

For example, some children play soccer near a house. In the heat of the game, the ball is thrown and breaks a window. A man comes out with the ball in his hand and lectures them. The children, instead of answering him, are silent, because they know that they have been responsible.

This expression is also often used only with the first sentence, from which it suggests the rest. For example: “Claudia has not said anything about the new hours. You know what they say: ‘he who is silent…’ "

The opposite of this phrase would be the Latin proverb “excusatio non petita, accusatio manifes”, Which we could translate as“ unsolicited excuses, manifest accusation ”. This occurs when explanations are offered about something that no one is blaming you for. The explanations, therefore, would come to self-incrimination.

Synonyms of this saying could be who is silent consents, or who is silent neither grants nor denies.

In English, the expression "the one who is silent, grants", can be transferred to the phrase "silence gives consent", Which would literally translate" silence gives consent. " For instance: "You know the old saying ‘silence gives consent’"(You know the old saying 'silence gives consent').

See also He who excuses himself, accuses himself.

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