Meaning of He who is a parrot wherever he wants is green

What is He who is a parrot wherever he wants is green:

"He who is a parrot wherever he wants is green" is a popular saying that means that he who has a skill should not have difficulties when a demonstration of this is required of him by the circumstances.

It applies to those situations in which a person, who stands out for having certain qualities or talents, must demonstrate them, regardless of the situation or circumstances.

This saying is also a kind of warning: you should not brag about what you do not have or know, because, sooner or later, you will be exposed.

In this sense, we can infer that there are no excuses for failing in an issue or subject that we master. A good driver, for example, should have no problem karting, nor a great cook to make a new recipe.

Thus, we must be able to face or solve any problem with which we are familiar. For example, a sales executive should not feel lost when a customer is reluctant to buy.

In this way, the popular expression "he who is a parakeet wherever he wants is green", is applied above all to adverse or difficult situations, the solution of which depends only on our experience and skill to face them.

A longer version of the saying says "he who is a parakeet wherever he wants is green, and he who is a dowel wherever he wants loses." It means that just as the clever man demonstrates it wherever he is, the fool also demonstrates it.

A synonym for this popular saying would be "he who is a good rooster in any hen house sings."

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