Meaning of He who follows her gets her

What is it? The one who follows her gets it:

The saying "He who follows her achieves it" refers to those people who constantly put all their effort and their means to achieve a certain objective, manage to carry out their purpose.

This saying is used both to encourage someone who is about to undertake the search for a purpose, as well as to congratulate or highlight someone who has achieved their goals.

In this way, the saying celebrates constancy as a positive value, since it is necessary for the effort to produce its fruit. In a similar sense, the saying "Perseverance achieves all" or "He who perseveres, wins" is also used.

Along with this, other sayings stand out with a similar meaning. Among them we can mention the following: "Reach, who does not get tired"; "An oak tree is not knocked down with a single blow"; "The rock is hard and the small water, but falling continuously, digs".

You can also mention the popular saying that says "The pitcher goes to the source until it breaks." But in this case, the assessment can be double, that is, positive or negative. This is because some of these sayings can also imply that a person is annoying or annoying.

However, in the saying “he who follows it achieves it”, it strictly refers to the valuation of constancy and perseverance as the only way to achieve the proposed objectives.

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