Meaning of Ellipsis

What is Ellipsis:

Ellipsis is called the intentional suppression or omission of an element of discourse that is understood or can be reconstructed thanks to the context.

For example, "José is at the market, and I am at home." In this example, the verb "I am" was deleted and, the meaning of the sentence is not lost, the verb remains implicit and is understood.

The word ellipsis comes from Latin ellipsis, which in turn derived from the Greek elleipsis, y means "omission."

Ellipsis is also a literary figure, that is, it is a resource used in literature in order to avoid unnecessary repetitions, give greater emphasis to a segment of the sentence, generate greater fluidity and rhythm, without affecting the construction. grammatical of it.

However, the use of the ellipsis goes beyond literature. In everyday language, people make constant use of this literary figure in order to make communication more fluid and direct.

For example, when a person is asked a question, "How are you?" instead of "how are you?" As can be seen, the meaning of the question does not change, it is understood.

Ellipsis is also part of the literary devices used in the narrative techniques of cinema and advertising in order to seduce the receiver through various messages, such as with direct phrases or substituting words for images.

In popular sayings you can find examples of ellipsis such as, "The good, if short, twice good" (the verb to be is omitted), "A good understanding, few words are enough" (it is clarified that not many words are needed to obtain information), among others.

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