Meaning of Elite

What is Elite:

An elite or elite is a group of people who enjoy a privileged status and who act as a leader in the orders of life of a society, community or institution. The word, as such, comes from the French elite, and this in turn derives from the French verb he will, which means 'choose'.

The elites, in this sense, are select, minority groups, made up of the most distinguished and distinguished in society. In general, the elites are the people with the greatest prestige, recognition, influence or wealth within their sphere.

Hence, different elites are formed in societies, depending on the field of action or the interests they cover. In this way, there are political, economic, business, industrial, scientific, intellectual, artistic, and sports elites, among others.

Historically, the concept of the elite gained relevance, especially in the 19th century, hand in hand with the republican ideals on the rise in France. The elite, in this sense, was the group of citizens chosen to exercise power due to their merits and virtues, and not to their origin, lineage or wealth, values ​​that were linked to the monarchical system, already overcome.

The elites, however, generate opposing positions. There are those who doubt a social order without the existence of elites that handle power and other orders of social life, as well as those who criticize their distance from society and the common citizen.

In English, the word elite has the same meaning as in Spanish and is written in the same way: elite. For instance: "Elite athletes live longer than the general population”(Elite athletes live longer than the general population).

Elite culture

As an elite culture, the set of artistic and intellectual manifestations that characterize the tastes and interests of a privileged group in a society is called. In this sense, elite culture is conceived as opposed to popular culture and mass culture. Hence, the cultural phenomena produced by members of the elite culture reflect the identity, values, ideologies and ways of life of the dominant groups. Some expressions of elite culture are opera, classical music, literature, etc.

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