Meaning of Email

What is Email:

A e-mail it is an email. The word e-mail or e-mail, abbreviation of the English expression electronic mail, which in Spanish can be translated as ‘email’, dates from 1980, according to the Oxford dictionary. It is pronounced "imeil." Its plural is emails or e-mails. In Spanish, it is advisable to use the term ‘email’ or, failing that, ‘mail’.

As such, email is a correspondence system that allows the exchange of messages between users who are connected to a computer network, but located on different computers.

Likewise, the term is also used e-mail to refer to the correspondence service through the internet, although it is also common to simply use 'mail': "The e-mail it is presenting failures in its operation ”. As such, this service, offered free of charge by some companies in the industry, allows people to send and receive text messages and all kinds of digital files.

On the other hand, like e-mail The message itself transmitted through this mail system is also called: “I am going to send you a e-mail to Juan to greet him ”.

E-mail It can also be used to refer to the electronic address, that is, the mailbox address of a person on the Internet: “Write down my e-mail so that we are in contact ”. As such, it usually carries the @ sign to separate the name of the user and the name of the company that provides the email service.

E-mail began to develop in 1961, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (better known as MIT, for its acronym in English), from experiments that showed that different users could access the same computer from remote terminals and save files On the disk. This revealed new possibilities in the way of sharing information.

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