Meaning of Empowerment

What is Empowerment:

Empowerment is known as the process by which an individual, community or social group is endowed with a set of tools to increase their strength, improve their capabilities and increase their potential, all with the aim that they can improve their social situation. , political, economic, psychological or spiritual.

The word, as such, is a carbon copy that comes from English, derives from the verb to empower, which in Spanish translates as ‘empower’, from which the noun empowerment is formed.

Empowering, therefore, means developing in a person confidence and security in himself, in his abilities, in his potential and in the importance of his actions and decisions to positively affect his life.

Hence, empowerment refers, especially in the social sciences, to the process of granting power to a collective, community or social group that is in a precarious situation in economic, political or social terms, generally marginalized or excluded by different reasons (sex, origin, race, religion, sexual preferences, etc.).

The ultimate purpose of social empowerment is that said group is capable by itself, working and organizing, to improve their living conditions.

Likewise, at the individual level, empowerment refers to the importance of people developing capacities and abilities so that they can assert their role and improve their situation in terms of social and political rights, as well as in relation to economic activity and productive.

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Women's empowerment

The empowerment of women is called the process by means of which they acquire all kinds of tools and capacities that allow them to assume a more prominent and active participation in society, both at a personal level, as well as at a political and economic level.

Female empowerment consists of instilling in women greater self-confidence, security and power to make decisions, to solve problems and to organize and change situations that affect them directly or indirectly.

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