Meaning of Wind Energy

What is Wind Energy:

Wind energy is a type of kinetic energy obtained from air turbines, which use the force of the wind to generate electricity.

It is a clean and cheap energy source that, due to its scope, helps remote or hard-to-reach populations to have electricity, reducing operational costs compared to installing traditional energy sources.

Although the most common is that wind energy is obtained from wind turbines installed on land, they can also be installed at sea, near the coast. The wind conditions in these types of areas favor a constant generation of energy.

The term "aeolian" refers to Aeolus, the god of the wind in Greek mythology.

How is wind energy produced?

To generate wind energy, wind turbines are required; These have blades that only move under the action of the wind. Once this occurs, mechanical energy begins to be produced which is converted into electrical energy with the help of a generator.

For enough electrical power to be produced, many wind turbines are needed that are grouped together in wind farms. Only in this way is it possible to take advantage of this type of energy for collective use (towns and small cities).

For the wind turbines to start operating, the minimum wind speed must be 10 km / h and must not exceed 25 km / h.

Benefits of wind energy

Wind power has a number of benefits compared to other forms of power generation: it is clean, environmentally friendly, renewable, and cheap.

Clean energy source

Wind energy is a clean energy source, this means that it does not require polluting agents to function nor does it generate toxic waste.

Environmentally friendly

It is friendly to the environment, because in case the wind farm needs to be erected, the land used can be restored again in a short time.


Wind power uses renewable energy, which means that although the strength and intensity of the wind can vary depending on the time of year and geographical region, it is an inexhaustible source, since it is generated in perpetuity.

Cheap energy source

It is a cheap energy source. Although at the beginning the cost of wind energy exceeded that of electricity, in recent decades it has become equal and in some countries it has even decreased. Technological and material advancements lower costs by making wind power more accessible.

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