Nursing Meaning

What is Nursing:

Nursing is the set of studies for the autonomous care of sick, injured and disabled people, following clinical guidelines.

Nursing is the profession of care that emphasizes human relationships, support, and self-care by promoting health, preventing disease, and caring for those in need.

Nursing is a fundamental profession for quality public health, since it offers an autonomous and collaborative service at the same time.

See Public Health.

A nursing assistant has training in nursing and is considered a technician in this area specialized in basic care and do not practice invasive techniques. A nursing professional, on the other hand, has university studies and provides specialized care and participates in clinical diagnoses.

Functions of nursing as a profession

Nursing has four basic functions or specializations:

  • Assistance: focuses on the social function and consists of caring for patients.
  • Researcher - Collect evidence-based medical knowledge for the best treatment.
  • Teacher: trains nurses and educates citizens.
  • Administrator: consists of the management of care, that is, the planning, organization and evaluation of professionals with respect to the necessary medical care.

Cross-cultural nursing and intercultural nursing

The American Madeleine Leininger (1925-2012) is the founder of cross-cultural nursing, which consists of knowledge about the cultural differences and similarities that exist for a more effective and adequate care of the patient.

Cross-cultural nursing is a discipline where nursing professionals identify cultural values, beliefs, and practices to offer culturally congruent care.

Intercultural nursing is practiced by nurses who have knowledge about different cultures and intuitively apply them in their work. Knowledge is not formal but pragmatic.

The exchange of cross-cultural nursing as a formal study and intercultural nursing as acquired learning will help to improve the care and care of patients in a more humane way in the globalized world in which we live.

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