Meaning of Engagement

What is Engagement:

Engagement It is an English word that can be translated as ‘commitment’ or ‘fidelity’. It is used in the organizational world to refer to the level of commitment and involvement that a worker has with his company.

In this sense, the engagement of a worker is reflected in the results of their work and the level of commitment that they feel towards the organization where they work, and are translated into greater work performance, greater personal satisfaction and better mental health.

From a psychological perspective, the engagement it is a state of positive accomplishment that the worker experiences in relation to his work. A worker engaged he feels work as challenging and fun, inspiring and exciting, and producing moments of real pleasure and satisfaction, rather than an overwhelming burden that consumes his life, hence the high levels of dedication and vigor with which performs its tasks. The opposite of engagement is he burnout, which is the syndrome of being burned at work.

Engagement in Marketing

In the Marketing area or Marketing, What engagement It is called the level of loyalty, commitment and link that a certain user maintains towards a brand. As such, this can be measured by considering the level of identification and emotional connection that users have with the brand, as well as in which they recommend and defend it before other users. In this sense, the objective of every brand is to achieve a good engagement, as this guarantees success in the market.

Engagement in social networks

In social media platforms, which are used as communication channels with the user community, the engagement refers to the levels of commitment, loyalty and connection that users show towards a certain brand. This, as such, is measurable taking into account the numbers that show the interaction and involvement of users in the conversations generated by the brand. To achieve a high level of engagement, it is necessary to stimulate user participation by generating relevant content for the community of followers.

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