Meaning of Enigma

What is Enigma:

Enigma is the saying or thing that is not understood or is difficult to understand or interpret, which is characterized by being ambiguous or metaphorical. The word enigma is of Latin origin "aenigma " and, this in turn from the Greek "Aynigma" What does it mean "Dark or misleading word”.

Enigma is used to indicate a dark, malicious or double meaning phrase or text and, it can be related to something supernatural, mysterious or inexplicable, it has no traces to be deciphered.

On the other hand, the expression enigmatic is an adjective that refers to something that is made up of an enigma, that is, it has a mysterious meaning or very difficult to penetrate, for example: enigmas are present in artistic, cultural works, and even in the science, such as: the origin of life, death, etc.

A figurative enigma is a kind of riddle or charade where images and figures substitute for texts and numbers.

Also, enigma is the name given to Batman's enemy, his real name is "Riddler", a character created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, he identifies himself with a green suit with a question mark and enjoys committing crimes and confusing the police and Batman through confusing riddles.

The synonyms for enigma are: mystery, secret, unknown. On the other hand, the opposite of enigma is: of course, patent, among others.

Enigma and charade

The terms enigmas and charade are associated as both have a sense of riddle. The charade is an enigma in which you must guess a word that was decomposed into several parts or an enigma with a vague, critical or humorous allusion, for example:

"What it says second,
says first,
and everything is your eyes,
sorceress girl "

Answer: Eyelids.

Enigma of the Sphinx

In Greek mythology, the sphinx, daughter of King Laius, was a creature with wings, the body of a lion, the face and chest of a woman, she settled at the entrance of the city of Thebes, from there she devoured all the inhabitants who were not capable of answer your riddle.

The enigma of the sphinx was the following: "What animal walks in the morning on 4 legs, in the afternoon on 2 and, at night on 3 and becomes weaker as it has more leg?", As no one could solve the problem. mystery everyone was being eaten by the monster until Oedipus arrived.

Oedipus, faced the sphinx and answered the enigma "the human being", since he crawls in childhood, walks straight in adulthood and needs a cane in old age, once the solution was found, the monster went deep depression and was killed, launching into the void from the top of a rock.

There are other versions of the legend, some narrate that once Oedipus answers the enigma, he crosses the monster with his spear, and others that it was Oedipus who pushes the sphinx into the abyss.

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