Meaning of Entity of birth

What is Entity of birth:

It is known as a birth entity or birth certificate the document where the main data about the birth of a person are exposed, that is, the place and date of birth, the name or names and the surname or surnames of the individual.

Generally, this document is prepared in a department attached to the public administration of the State and is usually referred to as a civil registry.

Parents or representatives of a newborn should go, as soon as possible, to these departments or offices after their child is born, in order to request the document that exposes the entity of birth of this new family member.

In the entity of birth, the names and surnames of the parents of the newborn are also placed, as well as their place of birth and, in some cases, even the career or trade in which they work.

It is extremely important that during the preparation of the birth entity document, it is verified that all personal data is well written, that is, without spelling errors, to avoid confusion or future legal problems.

Once this document has been prepared, it is saved and filed in the registry where it was prepared and an original copy is delivered to the representatives.

On the other hand, entity also refers, in general terms, to an individual or essence of something. The word entity is also used to name a community or unit of people in an area or region.

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