Meaning of federative entity

What is a federative entity:

A federative entity, also called a federal entity, is understood to be a delimited territory that has autonomy, is populated and has a government, although it must follow the guidelines that govern the central federal power. Also, the term province is used in other countries, instead of a federal entity.

The union of several federative entities together form a nation or country. Consequently, the federative entities were formed long before the nations to which they belong, which is why they historically precede the countries that they make up as a whole.

In turn, the federative entities have a considerable degree of political and legal autonomy, therefore, even these entities may or may not be participants in various government activities. That is, through the federative entities it is expected to promote decentralized governments, although this is not the case in all cases.

These are some of the nations that are made up of the union of various states: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, among others.

For example, Mexico is made up of 32 states, which together make up the Mexican nation. The largest federal entity in Mexico, in terms of territory, is the state of Chihuahua.

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