Meaning of Epic

What is Epic:

Epic is that related to epic or heroic poetry. It can be based on proven, true or invented facts, and comes from the Latin epĭcus. The epic genre is a narrative in verse that includes a heroic episode in the history of a people.

The epic usually presents an important extension since it includes elements of other genres (such as poetry or lyric, or theater or drama), and is divided into chapters. There are several subgenres within the epic. Epics are the exploits of a hero who represents the collective values ​​of a nation.

The epic poem is also the sagas, the picaresque novels, the chivalric books, the myth, the legend, the singing of deeds, the ballads, the traditional tale, and other elements.

The epic hero is generally a warrior who manages to overcome or overcome all kinds of obstacles to achieve his goals, he is a being with great physical strength, intelligent and noble.

The author uses narration as a form of habitual expression, although description and dialogue can also be given. In some cases, the epic is not written, but told orally by the rhapsodies.

Among the many authors who have served as writers of the epic genre we could highlight, without a doubt, the Greek Homer.

Of all the works of Homer, we could highlight two that have become authentic examples of the epic and that have become references within universal literature. Iliad from the 8th century BC. tells of the Trojan War, and The odyssey from the 7th century BC. It tells of the return of the hero Odysseus to his land, to Ithaca.

The term epic is also used to describe a memorable, extraordinary event, a feat, a feat, something very strong and intense.

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