Meaning of Equidistant

What is Equidistant:

Equidistant is an adjective used to refer to something that is at the same distance between two points.

The word equidistante is derived from the verb equidistar, composed of the suffix “equi-”, from a Latin root aequi-, which means ‘equal’, and “distar”, from the Latin verb distāre, which translates as "being away."

In areas such as Mathematics, Geometry, Analytical Geometry or Technical Drawing, the equidistance refers to that point, line, plane or solid that is the same distance from another point, line, plane or determined solid.

Likewise, we can say that a place is equidistant when we consider that it is halfway between two other reference points.

On the other hand, the word equidistant can also be used in a figurative sense to indicate that something is the same distance from two things, or in the middle between them, although it refers to an abstract plane. For example: "It is an ideology of the center, equidistant from the radical ideas of the right and the left."

Equidistant in Mathematics

In the field of Mathematics, equidistant is the point that is located at the same distance from two points located at opposite ends. Seen from Geometry, the equidistant point is the one from which a segment can be divided into two equal parts, being that the line of the bisector passes through this equidistant point or midpoint, which is the one that cuts the segment in half. . An elementary example of equidistance is that of the circle, where all its points are equidistant from the center of the circle.

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