Meaning of Equivalent

What is Equivalent:

Equivalent is an adjective that expresses something that has equal value, estimate, power, or meaning. The word equivalent when used to describe one thing, refers to the fact that it can substitute for the other because it has the same characteristics or meaning, for example: the drug "X" is equivalent to the drug "Y" has the same composition. .

In the area of ​​geometry, equivalent is the figure and solids that have the same area and volume but different shapes. In chemistry, the term equivalent refers to the minimum necessary weight of a body that, when joined with another, forms a true combination.

Equivalent thevenin

The venin equivalent is a theorem that allows to solve an electrical circuit since any network formed by linear resistors, independent and dependent sources can be replaced by an equivalent circuit integrated by a single voltage source and a series resistor.

Equivalent gram

The gram equivalent, also known as the equivalent weight, is the amount of substance that is capable of producing or combining with one mole of negative charges or with one mole of positive charges.

Mechanical equivalent of heat

The mechanical equivalent of heat is a physical greatness that showed that a certain amount of work could generate a certain amount of heat. It must be taken into account that 1 cal = 4.186 J.

Chemical equivalent

The chemical equivalent is a 1 / Z fraction of a chemical species (molecule or ions), in which the Z represents the integer that indicates the number of reaction units that a chemical species produces in its acid-base, redox or of specific neutralization, for example: H2SO4, Z = 2 since a molecule of H2SO4 can give 2 ions to H +.

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