Meaning of Era

What is Era:

The term was derived from Latin aera and it has several meanings. However, the most used meaning refers to long periods of time that begin to be counted from a relevant fact such as prehistory.

In this sense, the term era is related to the chronological order in which a series of events took place that serve as a reference to identify a historical period, from the beginning to the end, determine its characteristics and differentiate some events from others.

It was in history

An era determines a prolonged historical period that stands out for having a series of its own characteristics that, in one way or another, reflect the changes generated in the culture or lifestyle of a civilization, such as a historical event, a cultural process, a social process or technological innovations, among others.

Likewise, a historical era is usually identified or related to a prominent person, for example, the Christian era that began with the birth of Jesus Christ.

An era can also be identified with a process such as the Byzantine era that encompasses the events that occurred during the Roman Empire.

At present it can be mentioned that we live in a technological era in which man has developed an important number of tools and techniques that have modified the way people communicate, scientific studies, the development of atomic energy , among others.

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