Meaning of Scale of values

What is Scale of values:

The scale of values ​​is a list that establishes the order of importance of the values ​​that each individual and social group consider correct, such as respect, humility, tolerance, solidarity and many others.

People learn and put into practice a series of values ​​that are instilled in the family, from generation to generation, as they grow up. Also, this list of values ​​grows as new experiences are lived and learned from them.

In this sense, people accumulate great knowledge that allows them to prioritize values ​​and question when an attitude is appropriate or not, in order to promote personal well-being and that of all those around.

Therefore, the scale of values ​​is modifiable over time and, as decided by each person or society, taking into account what is considered most important from a moral and ethical point of view.

For some it will be love, respect, friendship; for others, family, tolerance or commitment. All individuals have a different scale of moral, family, work, social and cultural values, which are generally similar.

Hence, the hierarchical order of values ​​is important because it allows determining which qualities or actions are considered good and correct or bad and negative.

The scale of values ​​regulates the behavior of individuals and allows them to establish the way in which they should act before the various circumstances to face during life.

Therefore, people must be clear about how their scale of values ​​is constituted in order to be honest with their own ideals and comply with its principles, otherwise, they would be acting against their values ​​and beliefs.

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Also, it is worth mentioning that there is a more generalized scale of values ​​that belongs to the social group of which everyone is a part as a citizen and, in which ethical, moral and cultural values ​​are shared.

Each individual must make an effort to complement and thread their personal value scale with the social value scale, in order to focus on being a citizen who acts correctly, not only individually but also socially. Consequently, the better the social relations will be.

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Importance of the scale of values

The importance of the scale of values ​​is based on the minimum recognition of the most important values ​​for each individual. In this way, the person will know how to differentiate the good from the bad and establish an attitude of life that allows them to be consistent with their values.

Otherwise, lacking a scale of values ​​can lead to people's vulnerability and inability to respond to cheating, abuse or bad intentions by third parties.

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