Meaning of Chill

What is Chill:

Chill is a sudden and violent physiological response to cold, accompanied by a sensation of cold and relatively constant muscle contraction during the episode. The tremors and muscle contractions operate as the body's means of regaining heat.

In some countries the expressions chills or chills are used with the same meaning. All three forms are correct, although the term "chills" is the most general.

Chills may be associated with sudden tremors and paleness. They appear due to a change in temperature, be it environmental or internal.

Although the most common is that the chills appear after a person is subjected to a very cold environment, they can also herald infections in the making. In this case, chills are symptoms that warrant immediate medical consultation.

Chills or prickly skin?

It is very common for people to confuse chills with the effect of crawling skin, popularly known as "goose bumps".

This is because sometimes both bodily reactions can manifest themselves together. For example, chills can eventually make the skin crawl when their strength and intensity provoke the reaction of the skin membranes.

But in medical terms they are two different phenomena. There may be chills without goose bumps and there may be goose bumps without chills.

Goose bumps are usually a natural reaction of the skin to a change in air temperature, without tremors and muscle contractions.

A sudden fright or an unpleasant impression can also cause "goose bumps." This means that sometimes bristling skin is an emotional response.

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