Meaning of Escarnio

What is Escarnio:

Mockery is the act of tormenting someone through teasing. It is called public derision if it is done publicly, with the purpose of increasing the humiliation.

The word derision may have its origin in Germanic Gothic skerjan which means "to mock" or from Latin excarmin indicating "torment, action and effect of plucking flesh." Despite having an uncertain etymology, both currents refer to a form of abuse.

Synonyms of derision are: mocking, mocking, humiliating and ridiculing.

Public scorn

Today, public derisions are considered crimes of libel and slander, since they threaten honor and moral integrity.

In general, they are defined in criminal law as the accusation of crimes against a person with knowledge of falsehood, that is, knowing that they are lies.

Social scorn

Social derision was a common social control mechanism in the Middle Ages. Lessons of punishment were given, that is, the accused was punished in public to humiliate him. In this way, social derision prevented people from acting outside the established norms.

In this sense, despite the fact that currently derision is prohibited by law in some aspects, such as, for example, to protect debtors and those who profess any religion, social derision is still common, especially for minorities.

The derision is associated with the abuse of power, since the power of normalization is used to torment those who act or are different. For example, the medical scan is the case when a doctor makes fun of the patient because he asks something about his health that he does not understand.

Examples such as the viralization of videos exposing private life to social derision through social networks also show that this medieval behavior of abuse of power continues to exist.

Prayers of scorn

"If you get a video that exposes people's privacy, humiliates or violates them, don't share it." Video campaign #yorespeto

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