Meaning of Eschatology

What is Eschatology:

Eschatology is a part of theology that is responsible for studying the human being and the universe before and after the extinction of life on earth or life beyond the grave. In this sense, the word eschatology is of Greek origin "Eskhatos" What does it mean "latest" Y "Logos" what expresses "study".

Eschatology studies the final destiny of the individual and the universe, just as it studies the human being after death. It is noteworthy that each religion contemplates an eschatological vision according to its beliefs and practices.

On the other hand, the term eschatology is of Greek origin "skoror "skatos " What does it mean "faeces"Consequently, it is the act of analyzing excrement (feces), which can be taken as a synonym for coprology, the latter is a branch of medicine that is responsible for studying feces for scientific purposes.

The word eschatological is an adjective related to eschatology, excrement or dirt. There are those who associate this term to refer to the individual who is attracted to materials with obscene or sordid content.

Christian eschatology

Christian eschatology is identified with the following moments: death, judgment, heaven and hell. Christian eschatology is considered a doctrine that studies all the things that happened before and after the Final Judgment, which is the same end of the human species on planet earth.

In reference to the above, eschatology focuses on two senses: apocalypse and prophet, taking as truth and principle in the beliefs of a Catholic; death and resurrection.

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