Meaning of Skeptic

What is Skeptic:

As a skeptic we designate anyone who does not believe, doubt or distrust the truth, possibility or efficacy of something. The word, as such, comes from Latin skepticus, which in turn comes from the Greek σκεπτικός (skeptikós), which means 'thoughtful' or 'reflective'.

A skeptical person has as a principle distrust of all statements, especially those that are assumed right off the bat as true by most people. For example: "Everyone believed that there would be a corralito, except Carlos Daneri, who confessed himself skeptical."

The skeptic, therefore, prefers to evaluate all the tests and evidences that are had regarding any fact or phenomenon with the aim of verifying it; however, even so, he is rather prone to reject any statement or assertion that he tries to impose as an indisputable truth.

Thus, to be skeptical at an extreme level is to distrust absolutely everything or to have serious difficulties in admitting the evidence that is presented to us. For example: "I am skeptical of the results of the campaign."

Along the same lines, a skeptic is also called anyone who follows skepticism, which is a philosophical doctrine characterized by maintaining that we must doubt the truth of all things, phenomena and facts, and that in order to arrive at the truth of a fact we must have all the objective evidence.

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