Slave Meaning

What is Slave:

Slave is a person who is deprived of freedom and of his human rights, being treated as a commodity.

The word slave derives from Latin sclavus that at the time of the Roman Empire it referred to those who did not have legal capacity. They generally referred to the Slavs, being the main medieval source of slaves.

Slavery, that is, the condition to which the slave is subjected, is already contemplated and described in ancient Roman law.

See also Slavery.

The reasons why someone became a slave in the Roman Empire are as follows:

  • Being a captive of war
  • Being legally sold by another person, for example, father to his children or debtors to creditors.
  • To be sentenced to capital punishment and sent to work in the mines.
  • Being accused of having carnal dealings with a slave after being notified for the third time.
  • Being accused of ingratitude upon being set free as a slave, falling into that condition.

The English translation of slave is slave, for instance: "The slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms", which translates into Spanish as" The slave trade must be prohibited in all its forms. "

Who were the slaves?

Slavery was an institution extended to several continents despite not being considered as slave societies, since it was not a central institution in the organization of these societies.

The commercialization of people, before the arrival of Europeans in the 15th century to Africa, India and America, occurred on a very small scale and although war was the main source of enslavement, it was used as a way to attend to reasons. social services such as debt payment, judicial punishment, protection against attacks, etc.

At the time of the Roman Empire, the Slavs were the ones who were commonly taken as slaves. From the 15th century onwards, the Dominicans in Spain, who wanted to protect the Indians from slavery, suggested to the Spanish Crown the importation of blacks to use as slaves.

In 1595, the Portuguese regularized this business through licenses for imports to America. The slaves were mostly from Guinea, Senegal and the Congo.

The extension of the slave trade also began to take people from native American tribes and poor immigrants who came to the continent fleeing from absolutist regimes in Asia, as is the case of the Chinese in southern Peru and northern Chile.

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