Meaning of Writing

What is Writing:

Writing is the system of graphical representation of a language. We use writing to communicate through signs traced or engraved on a medium that can be tangible (paper, stone, wood) or intangible (digital or electronic). The word, as such, comes from Latin scriptūra.

Writing is the way in which we fix, through a set of graphic signs, the language with which we speak. It is the way in which we humans communicate and transmit information, ideas, concepts, knowledge or feelings in a non-oral way for thousands of years.

The written language was devised by the human being to replace the oral language. It was invented around 3,000 BC. of C. approximately, thanks to the Phoenician civilization, that lived in the region of Mesopotamia. This writing system was adopted and transformed by the Greeks, through whom they reached the Latin culture, which would later spread throughout Europe and the world.

There are two fundamental types of writing. On the one hand, there is the representation of concepts or ideas through logograms, which can be seen, for example, in Chinese writing.

On the other hand, there is the graphemic writing, which is one in which each sign represents a sound or a group of sounds, and which is typical of alphabetic writings, such as Spanish, Latin or Arabic, or of syllabic writings , like the language of the Cherokee of North America.

The word writing can also refer simply to the art of writing. For example: "No one cultivated writing as magnificently as Gustave Flaubert."

A deed, also, can refer to a letter, a document or any written paper of a public or private nature. For example: "They cannot find the deeds of the property of the house."

As Scripture or Holy Scriptures the Bible is also known. For example: "They spent the whole afternoon reading the Scripture."

Types of writing

Alphabetic writing

Alphabetic writing is one in which each sign represents a sound of speech. Alphabetic scripts are, for example, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek or Italian.

Phonetic writing

Phonetic writing is that type of writing in which each sign represents a phonetic element of the language.

Ideographic writing

Ideographic writing is one in which each sign represents an idea or concept. It is also known as a hieroglyphic or symbolic. We have an example of ideographic writing in the Chinese language.

Syllabic writing

It is known as syllabic writing that in which each syllable has a corresponding sign that represents it in the written language. An example of syllabic writing is that of the Cherokee, aborigines of America.

Hieroglyphic writing

Hieroglyphic writing is made up of ideograms and pictograms, since instead of representing sounds, signs represent ideas or concepts. It is one of the oldest forms of writing in history. An example of this is ancient Egyptian writing.

Cuneiform writing

Cuneiform writing consists of a set of pictographic signs with which words and objects were represented, at first, and, later, even abstract concepts. It is one of the oldest forms of writing. It was originally used by the Sumerians more than six thousand years ago.

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