Meaning of Escuincle

What is Escuincle:

Escuincle or escuincla is a colloquial term used to refer to children or minors.

The word escuincle derives from Nahuatl itzcuintli, what does dog mean'.

However, initially, the term itzcuintli It was used to refer to a breed of dog that lived in Mexico and was raised by the Aztecs before the arrival of the Spanish in America. Today this breed of dog is known by its name in Nahuatl xoloitzcuintle, and is characterized by being small and having little hair.

In this sense, it is believed that the word squint is associated with children because, like this breed of dog, they are small and lack body hair. Hence, in Mexico it is customary to popularly refer to children as a student.

However, escuincle is an adjective little used in other countries, even in those that are close to Mexico, instead other colloquial terms are used such as ‘pelado’ or ‘crío’.

On the other hand, escuincle is a term that can have a pejorative connotation depending on the context and intonation with which it is enunciated, especially if it is a child whose character is annoying and, in addition, has a bad behavior.

For example, "Don't bring your scoundrels to work"; "Shut up that scoundrel!"; "The kids are playing in the park."

However, there are those who argue that the use of the word squincle is related to the fuss and noise that children make, like dogs, when they are playing or having fun. In this case, its use is not derogatory, although, for many adults, the fuss that children generate in their moments of relaxation and fun is annoying.

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