Meaning of Espanglish

What is Spanglish:

Espanglish is a fusion between the Spanish language and the English language. It is used mostly by those Hispanic immigrants in the United States.

Spanglish has a hybrid character between Spanish and English due to the large number of Spanish speakers in the United States. This way of expressing oneself also denotes a strong influence of the English language in the popular culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanglish mixes both lexicons and grammatical forms and phonological loans between both languages. Some examples of words in Spanglish or Spanglish are:

  • Mopping: using the mop to clean something,
  • Vacuminate: use the vacuum cleaner that in English is called vacuum,
  • Parking: parking using the English word parking,
  • Rufo: roof derives from the English roof, etc.

It is estimated that there are about 40 million Spanish-speaking people who reside in the United States and use Spanglish daily. It is especially associated with the way Chicanos speak.

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