Meaning of plasma state

What is Plasma State:

The plasmatic state is a type of state of matter that is characterized by having a high energy charge that is generated, to a large extent, in situations in which the temperature is very high.

The plasmatic state is the most common state of matter in the universe, it allows the conduction of electricity and is found, for example, in stars, the Sun, rays, among others. This state of matter has the peculiarity of not having a shape or a fixed volume.

Now, plasma is a gas that has been ionized due to high temperatures that make atoms turn into positive ions by releasing negative electrons. In this way, the positive ions and the negative electrons move freely in the ionized gas, but without being attached to each other.

For this reason, the plasmatic state of matter is a good conductor of electricity, whose capacity can increase as the degree of ionization increases. However, if the energy that makes up the plasma is reduced, the plasma state of matter is extinguished.

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