Meaning of Stereoscope

What is Stereoscope:

The stereoscope is an optical instrument through which the illusion of depth of an image is created, since for each eye the same flat image can be observed but from a different angle, which then when interconnected in the brain and joined, is generated the illusion of depth or relief of it.

The stereoscope is a tool, created by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1840, that presents two images of the same object, which when joined in the brain as a single image produces the illusion of depth.

Stereoscope or stereoscopic is also understood as the technique of photography or recording in three-dimensional vision, which is characterized by generating the optical illusion of an image with depth in films or photographs.

For its part, in the area of ​​photography, the stereoscope allows analysis of different images, especially aerial ones, which allow the development of studies in the field of geological cartography, since it allows us to observe and differentiate the folds and faults of the studied lands. .

It is important to differentiate the stereoscope from the microscope. The stereoscope enlarges the images and allows to visualize even the effect of depth or third dimension. On the contrary, the microscope enlarges the images or samples that are being analyzed much more, so much so that bacteria can be observed.

Mirrored stereoscope

It is an instrument widely used in the development of various scientific studies, by means of which certain samples are observed through binoculars that allow images to be enlarged.

It is made up of four mirrors located so that the image is perceived through reflection through the eyepieces, carrying out an orthogonal observation, which places the images at a distance of approximately 25 cm.

Pocket stereoscope

The pocket stereoscope is characterized by having two lenses that are mounted on a metal or plastic frame that is supported on legs, which allow images to be observed through a focal length and with parallel axes.

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