Label Meaning

What is Label:

Label is used to name the label that presents information considered relevant for a certain product. In turn, it designates a social characterization of an entity or person.

The word tag derives from French etiquette and this one from the gothic stakka indicating "stick". Then, labels are used to name the labels on the bags that contained court cases.

In this sense, its meaning reaches us indicating “ceremonial”, that is, codes and formalities that determine courtesy and “good manners.” This series of written rules are generally referred to as “etiquette and protocol” or “ceremonial and protocol”.

Social tags

Social labels are also norms of behavior but they are not formally written. For example, there are social labels for answering the phone according to cultural, political, social and individual context.

Society and culture will determine a specific social behavior that translates into the different types of communication that exist in a society, including those that involve social labels.

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