Meaning of Eureka

What is Eureka:

The term eureka is an interjection of Greek origin "heureka ”which means“ discover ”. It is used by someone in celebration of a discovery or find, eureka! which is the same "I have discovered it!".

The expression eureka is due to the mathematician, inventor, Greek physicist Archimedes of Syracuse (287 BC - 212 BC), when he discovered the solution to the dilemma presented by King Hieron II since he wanted to know if his entrusted crown was made of pure gold or some other material of inferior quality in its composition.

In search of the answer, Archimedes knew that he should determine the density of the crown and compare it with the density of gold, but the bigger problem was measuring the volume of the crown without melting it. So one day I observed that when entering a bathtub with water, the level of the same rose when he entered and, consequently, I concluded that it was enough to submerge the crown in the water and calculate the volume of ascended water that was equivalent to that of the submerged body. This led him to solve the problem and determine that the crown was pure gold and his joy led him to come out of the bathtub naked and shouting "Eureka! Eureka!".

With the name of the "Principle of Archimedes" was known the discovery made by the Greek Archimedes, previously identified.

On the other hand, the expression eureka is the name of an American television series created by Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia, it takes place in a town called eureka where scientists and geniuses live. Also, the word eureka is heard in movies like "pi", "Interstellar".

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