Meaning of Exam

What is Exam:

Exam is inquiry and study of a thing or fact. The word exam is of Latin origin which means “needle" of the balance and, therefore, it was taken as the act of the individual to examine himself, that is, to weigh himself.

The term exam has different meanings, it all depends on the context where it is. In the area of ​​education, the exam is a test to demonstrate achievement in studies. In reference to this point, there are several evaluations, for example: partial exam, as its name indicates, the teacher evaluates a part of the subject and, in return, the final exam the teacher takes into account all the material given in classrooms.

In reference to the above, an exam can be written or oral. The written exam can contain several parts or a single one, it all depends on the teacher's methodology, the exam can consist of a development part, that is, a question and the student respond to it, completion, sentences with blank spaces that must be be finished by the student, true and false and, multiple answers, a question with several answer options and the student must choose the correct one. Sometimes, the last 2 evaluations, the teacher requests that the student justify his answer, as a security measure to obtain the certainty that he was not helped by his classmates.

The oral exam is a conversation between the teacher and the student, it is based on the realization of several questions that the student must answer and demonstrate their knowledge. In the same way, the exams have a qualification depending on the country and educational center, but the student only passes it if he obtains the score that is considered within the range of the passed test.

Also, there is the admission test is performed to assess the ability of a subject for the exercise and profession of a faculty, trade or ministry. Currently, to access a job, companies take an admission test to certify that the applicant has the skills requested by the position, sometimes they can be language tests such as: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., it all depends of which the individual must master to obtain the job. In the same way, students who finish high school must take an entrance exam to be able to access the career they aspire to.

The physical examination is characterized by the physical examination that the doctor performs on the patient in order to determine the disease or syndrome, likewise, the physical examination is often accompanied by other medical tests such as: clinical laboratory tests, plates, resonance, examination VDRL is performed in order to detect neurosyphilis disease, that is, to look for the presence of antibodies that the body produces in reaction to the bacteria that cause syphilis, and so on.

Clinical laboratory tests consist of examining a sample of blood, body tissue or urine, they are examined by a doctor to determine if all the results are within normal limits and rule out any disease.

Also, the individual himself can perform an examination of conscience, it consists of reflecting on his daily behaviors and, based on the result obtained, meditating how he can change to be better each day with himself and with others. Also, the individual can meditate on the faults and sins committed before confession.

The word examination is used as a synonym for: research, analysis, recognition, exploration, study, inquiry, among others.

The word test in English can be: "test” “exam"Examination”.

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