Meaning of Excel

What is Excel:

Excel is a computer program for electronic spreadsheets created by the Microsoft company.

The name Excel comes from the English word that refers to something or someone who "stands out from the rest" or "is better than the others."

Excel, also known as Microsoft Excel, is part of the suite of basic desktop tools that Microsoft has offered since its first version, which includes the following programs:

  • Microsoft Word or Word: word processor,
  • Microsoft Excel or Excel - Spreadsheet and Chart Builder, and
  • Microsoft Powerpoint or Powerpoint: creation and design of slides for presentations.

See also Word.

The most important function of Excel is the creation of spreadsheets that have the function of sorting and calculating, in an automated way through the introduction of formulas, large amounts of numbers or items. Due to the above, Excel has also become a tool for database construction.

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