Meaning of Exclusion

What is Exclusion:

By exclusion we refer to the situation of marginalization or segregation that affects specific groups in society, such as ethnic, religious or racial minorities. The word comes from Latin exclusion, exclusiōnis.

Exclusion means that certain individuals or groups of people have unequal or disadvantageous conditions in access to certain goods, services or resources in relation to other individuals or social groups, who are in privileged positions.

In exclusion, marginalized individuals do not have access (or experience serious difficulties in accessing) to job, training, cultural or political opportunities in the society in which they live, to basic water or electricity services, to the health or protection system Social.

All this, in turn, leads to less hope of obtaining a good job, improving the economic situation or occupying positions of influence or power in the institutions of the State.

Social exclusion is manifested in poverty, stigma, discrimination, or disadvantageous conditions in which individuals are forced to live.

Thus, an excluded person cannot fully enjoy his status as a citizen or enjoy his rights as such.

Exclusion is deeply rooted in societies, and obeys certain systems of values ​​and codes according to which all those who do not conform to these are rejected or set aside.

The social exclusion of the most vulnerable individuals in a society, as well as minorities of all kinds: ethnic, racial, religious, national, political, sexual, among many others.

The opposite of exclusion is inclusion. Inclusion is the way to overcome the problems of inequality that affect our current societies.

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Educational exclusion

Educational exclusion is that related to access to education for all citizens of a country. It becomes evident when the circumstances or conditions of certain individuals or social groups influence their possibilities to obtain comprehensive training and the resources and knowledge to fully develop. Hence, educational exclusion leads to social exclusion.

In some of our countries, despite the fact that the constitution upholds equity in access to education for our citizens, the reality is that factors such as economic level or social class, and even the area where they reside (urbanizations or neighborhoods, countryside or city) promote marginalization conditions that result in desertion or lag in the most unprotected groups.

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