Meaning of Success

What is Success:

Success is the happy and satisfying result of an affair, business or performance. Likewise, it also refers to the good reception of something or someone. The word, as such, comes from the Latin exĭtus, which means 'exit'.

Success, in general, is associated with triumph or achieving victory in something that we have proposed, as well as obtaining recognition due to our merits. Hence, success is also related to public recognition, fame or wealth.

The notion of success, however, is subjective and relative. What for one person may be a success, for another may be little more than a consolation in the face of failure. In this sense, we can consider as a success any result of a company that generates a feeling of fulfillment and well-being or, in short, happiness.

In this way, there are formally obtained successes, associated with our performance, whether in the professional, academic or school fields, such as graduating, obtaining the highest grades or achieving the promotion or increase for which we work so hard. . Also, there are personal successes, such as being able to establish our own company before the age of forty, buying your own house or starting a family.

Hence, success is also an intimate sensation, which occurs within us when we achieve what we set out to do or what we never thought we would achieve. Thus, a personal success of everyday life can be to be able to prepare that recipe as deliciously as we remember it.

As such, the value of success in life lies both in great endeavors and in small actions, in the will to overcome adversity, in the awareness of our skills and abilities and in the desire to always be better and get ahead.

Fear of success

The fear of success, according to Psychology, is a condition that manifests itself in those who have a fear associated with the consequences and responsibilities that success could bring in their lives. These types of people have a conscious or unconscious fear of not being able to preserve success once they have reached it and, consequently, fear failure. Likewise, fear of success can be linked to the feeling of not believing they deserve success, a lack of self-confidence, or fear of social rejection by the community. As such, people with a fear of success act, consciously or unconsciously, to hinder or ruin the possibility of success.

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