Meaning of Exonerate

What is Exonerate:

The word exonerate is used mainly to refer to when a person is free, relieved, without commitment of an obligation or responsibility.

However, this term can also be used with a second definition indicating the removal of a person from his or her employment or dignity. For example, "Juan was exonerated from his position in the company."

When a person is exonerated from their employment, it may be because there is the aggravating circumstance of a crime that prevents them from continuing with their jobs and responsibilities for moral reasons and non-compliance with the law and regulations. Generally, these examples are more common in public office.

In the area of ​​the economy, the term exonerate is also used to free someone or a company from making the payments corresponding to the tributary charges or taxes temporarily or permanently.

However, such decisions that exempt such payments must be promulgated by a special law or decree.

For example, in some cases these payment exemptions are intended to promote the development and growth of the activities of a company, since that money that was available to make a tax payment, will now be available to promote a series of specific activities in company function.

On the other hand, in the labor area the term exoneration of responsibilities is also used, which corresponds to the release of obligations, competencies or payments in the event of a claim or request for compensation from an employee as a result of non-compliance with the safety regulations and fees in trial case.

However, the exemption of responsibilities will only be possible if the evidence presented is not decisive.

Exonerate is a word that derives from Latin exonerāre, a verb composed of the prefix ex- (indicating deprivation, separation) and, the stem onus, oneris, which means load, weight, expenses.

Some synonyms for which the word exonerate can be substituted are: release, dismiss, exempt, expel, dispense, discharge. And as antonyms they are: to oblige, to contract.

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