Explicit Meaning

What is Explicit:

As explicit we call something that is expressed or communicated clearly and clearly, without ambiguities or inaccuracies. It is something that is clear, sharp, or evident. The word, as such, comes from Latin explain.

For example, a message that clearly conveys its meaning and intention is explicit, without hiding anything, without ulterior motives or tricky rhetoric. For example: "He explicitly told me that the country was preparing for war."

In this sense, as explicit content we designate that of a video, film, television program, song or image where situations of violence or sex are said or shown directly.

Explicit content is unsuitable for children and impressionable people, which is why it contains warnings for the public.

A person is also considered to be explicit when speaking or expressing himself without any kind of control or restraint. For example: "Paula, you were too explicit in telling René what you thought."

Synonyms for explicit are express, clear, manifest, evident, patent, visible, notorious. Antonyms for explicit are implicit, unspoken, or obscure.

In English, explicit can be translated as explicit. For instance: "Religious discrimination explicit in Iran’s penal code”(Explicit religious discrimination in Iran's penal code).

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