Meaning of Exposure

What is Exposure:

An exhibition is the action and effect of exhibiting something to be seen, heard and appreciated by other people. The word, as such, comes from Latin exhibition, expositions.

The term can refer to public exhibitions of things or objects of artistic, scientific, cultural, archaeological, historical, technological, educational or informative interest. In general, these exhibitions are made for cultural or commercial purposes, mainly to make certain things known to people.

An exhibition is also the act of presenting, orally or in writing, a topic or subject for an audience. In this sense, an exhibition can be a presentation, a conference, a presentation or a speech in which a specific aspect of a topic is developed to submit it to the public's discussion and interpretation.

Music understands by exhibition the initial part of a musical composition in which the themes that will then be developed in the rest of the work are presented.

For literature, on the other hand, it refers to the set of news that occurs at the beginning of the works, be they epic, dramatic or romantic, about the antecedents and causes of the action.

On the other hand, it is also called exposure to the situation of an object in relation to the cardinal points. Thus, for example, we can say that the front of a house has exposure to the east, or that a plantation has exposure to the south.

Likewise, exposure is also called the action of being exposed to the action of certain agents, such as sunlight. Similarly, exposure is also used as a synonym for risk: "He is concerned about the exposure of children to the dangers of the street."

Oral and written presentation

The exhibition is the most common way of presenting a topic or subject, making a detailed explanation of its content, addressing and developing the most important aspects in a clear and convincing way. In the exhibition, as such, the informative function predominates, since what is intended is to transmit a series of knowledge, ideas or proposals. We can make presentations orally, using digital or physical support material, through which we structure and develop our topic in the most interesting and enjoyable way for our audience, or in writing, writing a text in which it is developed in a clear and precise a theme or issue.

Explanatory statement

It is known as a statement of reasons to the text by means of which a detailed explanation is made of the reasons that lead someone to make a decision, act in a specific way or apply some measure.

In law, for its part, the statement of reasons, also known as a preamble or recitals, is the text that precedes a rule, law or regulation in which the legislator sets out the reasons that led him to establish a rule and its sanctions and explains the purposes of it.

Exposure in photography

The exposure is, in photography, the amount of light that the photosensitive material receives (in the case of chemical photography), or the image sensor (referring to digital photography), so that the image is impressed. In this sense, exposure is a combination of time and the level of light received by the photosensitive material.

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