Extinction Meaning

What is Extinction:

As extinction is called the action and effect of extinguishing or extinguishing. In this sense, it refers to the process of disappearance or cessation of certain things.

The word, as such, comes from Latin extinct, exstinctiĊnis, which would mean action and effect to put out a flame.Hence, the concept of extinction can be used to refer to various matters such as, for example, the extinction of fire, a sound, a life, an affection, a term, etc.

Extinction in Biology

For biology, extinction means the disappearance of all members of a species. In this sense, a species can be considered extinct from the moment its last living specimen dies.

Among the causes that can cause the extinction of a species is the inability to adapt to the new conditions imposed in an environment such as endemic species most vulnerable to changes, either due to environmental changes or the appearance of a new stronger species , as was the case with the dodo, a bird from the island of Mauritius that has become extinct by human action.

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