Meaning of Extortion

What is Extortion:

Extortion is a crime in which the offender exerts pressure on a person to carry out an act against their will, to obtain an economic or material benefit.

The word extortion derives from Latin extortion. Among the synonyms that can be used with reference to this term are blackmail, dispossession, fraud, usurpation, theft, damage, damage, among others.

Extortion is an act that is carried out using methods of violence or intimidation in order to scare and force the victim to carry out any action against their will, in exchange for protecting and ensuring the well-being of a family member or themselves.

Unfortunately, extortion is a very common crime, however, it is punishable by law and is considered a multi-offensive crime because it attacks both a legal asset such as property, integrity (physical and moral), and freedom of an individual.

Likewise, extortion also falls into the category of seizure crimes, since the extortionist seeks to benefit from the economic and material assets of the person attacked.

However, in each country there is a Penal Code that sets out the judicial measures designed to punish the actions of the damages and detriments caused by the extortionist on the victim or victims.

However, the people who commit extortion, in general, tend to be part of criminal gangs and, even, are people known to the extortionist.

When an extortionist attacks his victim, it is because he knows what benefits he can obtain from him and he knows the best way to exert pressure.

See also:

  • Crime.
  • Bribery.

For example, when an extortionist or criminal gang forces and requires a merchant to make a monthly payment for his protection and that of his business in order to prevent theft, looting, among others.

Another example is extortion by a kidnapper, in this case the release of a hostage is negotiated in exchange for a large sum of money. However, in the process, the offender constantly exerts pressure and generates fear in both the victim and their family members.

On the other hand, extortion for infidelity can also be mentioned, that is, if the person was unfaithful to their partner and someone close to them discovered them, they can blackmail them so as not to spread everything they know.

As you can see, there are various types of extortion, some more serious than others, but with the same purpose, taking advantage of others to obtain a profit or benefit.

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