Faction Meaning

What is Faction:

As a faction we call a group of people who share certain ideas or interests within another group or collectivity of which they are part. The word, as such, comes from Latin factio, facti┼Źnis.

Factions are divisions that arise within larger groupings of people. In general, they are groups that are formed by having certain opinions or positions in common, or by agreeing or disagreeing with a certain way of doing things, and that due to these affinities end up differentiating themselves from the larger group of which they are part.

Factions can present themselves in politics, within the parties themselves, as more or less moderate or radical wings or currents within the party's ideology, which is completely natural within the internal dynamics of political organizations.

Likewise, faction can refer to a group, side or gang of people who are mutinous, rebelled or violent in their way of proceeding, and which are usually radical in their positions.

See also Gang.

On the other hand, factions can also become rebel movements and insubordinate to authority, to the point of conforming themselves as broad-based political and social movements to confront a certain established order.

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