Meaning of Easy

What is easy:

As easy we can designate that which costs little work or effort, that does not need special skills or abilities: "The device is easy to use."

As easy we can also qualify what is very likely or has great possibilities, such as an event, an event: "It is easy for it to rain later."

Also designated as easy is someone who is flexible, who adapts to circumstances, who is docile in dealing: "Alejandro is an easy boy, you will not have problems with him."

Easy also has a certain pejorative charge when it comes to a woman; it means that she is easily seduced, that she does not resist, that she is very light: "I find it very unpleasant to be referring to a woman as an easy one."

Synonyms for easy would be: simple, simple; probable, possible; manageable, treatable; lightweight, lightweight. Its antonyms are: difficult, complex, improbable, intractable or heavy.

In English, the word easy can be translated as easy. For instance: "Easy tips to love your job again”(Easy tips to love your job again).

The word easy comes from Latin facĭlis.

Easy and difficult

Easy and difficult are opposite terms. Difficulties are classified as those that present obstacles or impediments, or that are very complex or laborious: “It is a place with difficult access”. In the same way, difficult can be a person who is not very treatable: "Manuel is the most difficult boss I have ever had." Likewise, something that seems confusing or tangled can be classified as difficult: "It is a difficult game for a ten-year-old child." Easy, on the contrary, refers to what is simple or easy to a person who is docile or manageable in dealing.

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