Meaning of Fake news

What is Fake news:

Fake news translates from English as "fake news." The fake news It is the name given to news that lacks veracity and that is transmitted through various news portals, media and social networks as if they were real.

The main objectives of the fake news they are to manipulate the opinion of the public and obtain a series of benefits, whether political or economic, from the slander or charms that are generated and published around a person or entity.

The fake news They are not recent, this method of spreading false and haughty information has been done for several centuries when false advertisements were published.

However, nowadays they are easier to publish and make known constantly through the Internet and the various information channels that exist.

Some specialists in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunication and information consider that a good percentage of the fake news They are disclosed with the use of knowledge and a specific purpose, and not due to a simple error in the verification of the information source.

In this sense, fake news They seek to misinform the public through false or altered content and, in one way or another, modify their opinion regarding a particular issue, generally of a political tone.

Objectives of the fake news

The fake news They are published for various reasons with numerous purposes, hence some refer to them as "fake news." Among the most common objectives are the following:

  • Influence political opinion in a particular situation and moment.
  • Affect the electoral results during the development of the presidential elections.
  • Get a greater number of visits to news portals, beyond the reputation of journalists.
  • To transmit ideologies of various kinds.
  • Influence the behaviors of people with different purposes.
  • Intentionally generating public misinformation.

Motivations of fake news

There are various reasons why the fake news among which we can mention:

  • Expose political partisanship.
  • Obtain economic benefits.
  • Generate provocation in a sector of society.
  • Do advertising.
  • Gain political influence.
  • Exposing a simple act of parody that seeks to imitate some particular circumstance.

As can be seen, there are many reasons for which to generate the fake news. However, it is up to the reader and the media themselves to attack such circumstances to avoid misinformation and discrediting journalism.

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