Meaning of Fanaticism

What is Fanaticism:

Fanaticism is an irrational passion, which injects into the fanatic the need to defend the beliefs rooted in said thought, institution or person.

Fanaticism is observable in different areas of society. There is, for example, the sports fanaticism that can be seen in the brave bars in football or the religious fanaticism observed in those who impose their beliefs as the only truth, falling into dogmatism.

See also Dogmatism.

Fanaticism is characterized by not caring about criticism, vehemently believing that they are possessors of the only truth and not valuing the diversity of thoughts.

Fanaticism is associated with negative behavior, however, there are positive fanaticisms such as those that use this power to avoid vices and improve lifestyles, such as fanaticism for yoga or a healthy life.

In psychology, fanaticism is identified as a consequence of the attempt to escape from loneliness and establish immediate affective bonds.

In philosophy, fanaticism is described as a passionate defense of beliefs that can easily lead to outrageous acts. Bigotry in belief systems, like religious bigotry, can easily lead to wars.

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