Meaning of Fantasy

What is Fantasy:

Fantasy is the human ability to imagine facts, events or situations that may be possible or impossible, real or unreal. The word, as such, comes from Latin phantasĭa, and this in turn comes from the Greek φαντασία (phantasía).

Fantasy supposes a higher level of imagination, since it implies the ability of a person to invent, create or produce imaginary or chimerical worlds or situations with their mind.

In this sense, fantasy can be expressed through artistic creation in the production of works such as paintings, sculptures, novels, films, musical pieces, etc.

In our life, it is common for us to have thoughts of a fantastic nature about things that we want to do or that we wish we had done. These types of fantasies, which allow us to project our dreams and our wishes, are positive.

However, according to psychology, sometimes fantasies can be an indicator that our mind is using defense mechanisms to avoid real situations that generate displeasure or anguish.

Fantasy can also be a film, literary, or comic genre. In fact, a classic Disney animated film is titled Fantasy, because in the film magical and supernatural things happen.

Finally, as fantasy it can also refer to jewelery of little value, such as costume jewelery or garments that simulate real jewelery.

See also Chimera.

Fantasy in psychology

For psychology, fantasies are situations or events imagined or invented by the mind. Through them, the wishes, fears and aspirations of a person are expressed.

In this sense, fantasy can function as a defense mechanism, especially when it is used to avoid emotions or thoughts that produce fear, frustration, disappointment or stress. Taken to the extreme, fantasy can lead to narcissism.

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