Meaning of Pharmacopoeia

What is Pharmacopoeia:

Pharmacopoeia is the name of the compilation text of various medicinal products and recipes which include the specifications of the raw material used, the properties, and the manner of use and combination of the drugs.

The pharmacopoeias began to be written, approximately, in the Renaissance and, due to its importance in the health area, it is a text that has been implemented in a mandatory way in the health or pharmacy systems of various countries, such as , Mexico, Chile, Spain, Argentina, among others.

The word pharmacopoeia derives from the Greek øαρμακονποιειν, which means to make or elaborate medicines or drugs, nowadays it is the name given to the book where the descriptions of the medicines are compiled.

Pharmacopoeias are so important that they are considered as those official texts or technical sheets in which all those official codes, quality standards and pharmaceutical formulas that can be freely consulted are exposed, in an alphabetical manner.

The texts of the pharmacopoeias make the following points:

  • The characteristics that drugs must meet to obtain the health registration.
  • The definitions and abbreviations of the components.
  • New pharmaceutical products and their indications for use.
  • Generic drugs.
  • Over-the-counter drugs.
  • Herbal medicines
  • New modifications made to medicines.

Through the pharmacopoeias of each country, the work of promoting the good state of public health is done by dealing with everything related to the elaboration, quality, distribution and promotion of medicines.

For this reason, they are considered as a help and security tool for all citizens who wish to have knowledge about a drug, its components and the correct use of it.

Pharmacopoeias also fulfill the function of positioning and guaranteeing the quality of pharmaceutical products, which is why in many countries they exist and enjoy high prestige, such as the North American Pharmacopoeia (USP), the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur), the Pharmacopoeia Alemana (DAB), among others.

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