Meaning of Fauna

What is Fauna:

Fauna is the set of animals that comprise a region or country. Also, fauna are the species that correspond to a certain geological period. The word fauna is from Latin "fauna".

The fauna is divided into: wild fauna is characterized by animals that do not need humans to feed and function in the environment in which it is found, everything different happens with domestic fauna, as its name indicates, they are subject to man and They need it to eat, survive and develop in their habitat.

In addition to the above, there are other types of fauna, which vary according to the different regions of the earth, among which the following stand out: marine fauna formed by animals that inhabit seas and oceans, poultry fauna constituted by birds, such as: ducks, chickens , chickens, etcetera; Ichthyological fauna made up of fish, harmful fauna formed by animals that live close to man and are considered harmful to his health, such as mosquitoes, mice, pigeons, etc., exotic fauna are species that do not belong to a determined territory or its waters and have arrived through the voluntary and involuntary activity of man.

The fauna depends on biotic and abiotic factors and, a variation in the habitat supposes the adaptation and survival of the animal in it and, if this is not the case, it migrates in search of better habitats for its development. Man is responsible for the quantity and quality of habitats, as well as for the fauna, since by their actions it causes an imbalance in the ecosystem, such as: activities that produce environmental pollution, logging and burning, hunting, among others. and due to this problem, many habitats and species have disappeared.

In relation to the above, there are governments that have created directives to promote the maintenance of the biodiversity of habitats and species, with the aim of establishing a balance of life on the planet.

Zoogeography science is responsible for studying the distribution of animals on the globe and the causes that determine it.

On the other hand, fauna is the group of people that is characterized by frequenting a certain place or having the same behavior, for example: juvenile fauna.

Fauna and Flora

Flora is the set of plant species that exist in a certain area or are characteristic of a certain geological period. The concepts of fauna and flora are similar and differ in the group they represent.

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