Meaning of Feminazi

What is Feminazi:

Feminazi is a pejorative term used to describe supporters of the feminist movement. It is a derogatory neologism used to refer to a person or group whose feminist thoughts they find as absurd as those who generated the Holocaust.

The word feminazi is an acronym for more Nazi feminist. Feminista is a supporter of the movement that emerged from the current of thought that criticizes and vindicates the role of women in the macho and patriarchal society: feminism.

On the other hand, Nazi are the militants of the German fascist party, blamed for torturing and killing millions of Jews in concentration camps during World War II.

Feminazi is generally used to refer to members of radical feminism movements, whose members have sometimes been accused of being female, a concept analogous to machismo.

In this sense, the male chauvinist who uses this term does not want to hear the why of feminism, whose expression he considers a violence that directly affects them. By becoming victims, they make the analogy with the Nazi concentration camps against the Jews, the Nazis being the feminists and the Jews the men.

Feminazi and feminism

Feminazi is the antonym of feminism. In this sense, feminism is a current of thought that groups together movements and policies for the inclusion of women in society and, in general, gender equality.

On the contrary, feminazi indicates a segregation of genders, which denotes the existence of a group that considers itself superior to another, to the point of wanting to exterminate them.

Feminazi and machismo

Feminazi is not a female analog of machismo. Feminazi is itself a macho word. Machista is an adjective or noun for sexism that despises women. Its analog is feminism, adjective or noun for those who despise males.

On the other hand, femininity is considered synonymous with misandry, aversion towards men, analogous to misogyny, hatred against women.

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