Meaning of Physiotherapy

What is Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is a type of treatment or therapy in the health area composed of a set of methods, techniques and actions applied through physical agents for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

This word is formed with the terms "physio" and "therapy", coming from the Greek φυσις (physis, "nature") and θεραπεία (therapy, "treatment").

Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physical therapy is a type of physical therapy that deals with the functioning of the respiratory system. It is a set of knowledge, techniques and procedures for diagnosis and intervention in relation to the functioning of the respiratory system.

Generally speaking, the concept of respiratory physiotherapy corresponds to that of pulmonary physiotherapy.

It is used, for example, to facilitate the secretion of mucosa from the respiratory tract in the treatment of diseases such as pneumonia.

Some of the techniques that pulmonary physical therapy uses are coughing, expansion, percussion, and chest vibration exercises.

Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy or sports physiotherapy is a specialty of physiotherapy focused on the field of physical and sports activity. It involves a set of knowledge, methods and techniques that deal with the treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries typical of sports practice through physical agents.

It also deals with rehabilitation, enhancing athletic performance, and promoting healthy lifestyles and practices.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a type of multidisciplinary treatment that includes physical therapy. Rehabilitation consists of the recovery of one or more functions of the body, which are totally or partially affected by illness or accident.

In many cases, both terms are used interchangeably when applied in the health area, although they do not have exactly the same meaning.

Physiotherapy symbol meaning

Physiotherapy is usually represented by a symbolic image of one or two snakes entwined on lightning.

Snakes are a symbol of wisdom and the transmission and wise use of knowledge. They also represent the vital energy of the human body.

The ray can correspond to several meanings such as force, vital impulse and balance.

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