Meaning of Foodie

What is Foodie:

Foodie It is an English word that designates those people who are fond of food and drink. It can be translated into Spanish as a foodie.

The foodies They are people who love good food and everything related to food. They like to eat and drink, experience new flavors, and try new recipes. They enjoy going out to a good restaurant as much as staying home and cooking.

A foodieHowever, he is not a specialist or a great connoisseur of gastronomy, as a gourmet would be, nor is he a person with refined tastes, as a gourmet. On the contrary, the foodie he is simply passionate about good food, and therefore broader and more enthusiastic.

See also Gourmet.

Thus, the foodie He prefers a special restaurant, where they serve quality food, rather than an award-winning and elegant restaurant. Enjoy learning new recipes (local or exotic), trying new flavors, or appreciating a good drink, rather than focusing on the most famous or renowned recipes or drinks in a place.

In addition, the foodie are interested in everything that revolves around the food and beverage industry: restaurants, wineries, tastings, food science, attending openings or closings of premises, keeping an eye on the latest trends and , all this, without neglecting health.

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